Industry: Polar Operations

Penguin Composites

Designers and manufacturers of unique composite products for industrial, commercial, recreational and marine applications.


Technical and management consulting services, specialising in Antarctic aviation, traverse route finding, crevasse detection and expedition planning and approvals.

McGuire Maritime

A leading, international maritime consultancy and brokerage service based in Tasmania. Services include ice capable vessel chartering, vessel operations, port call management and vessel repair management.

Icewall One

Produces pre-fabricated, insulated fibreglass accommodation units and sledges, designed for use in remote areas.

Hydro Tasmania

Over 100 years of experience in designing, constructing, operating and maintaining renewable power systems.

Helicopter Resources

With over 35 years and 35,000 flying hours of Antarctic experience, provides extensive operational support with helicopters, pilots and expert engineers.

Hagen Oil

Provides liquid waste services to facilitate efficient removal of oily water/ bilge from vessels.

Elphinstone Engineering

Pioneering design and manufacture of polar traverse and base construction equipment specifically designed for use in Antarctica, including traverse trailers, sleds and heavy equipment transporters.


Australia’s leading total waste management, environmental, industrial and health services provider, committed to responsible management of waste and environmental sustainability.

APCO Engineering

Producers of high-quality cast and machined components and fittings to suit specific requirements, including polar operations.