Penguin Composites

Polar Operations, Specialised Equipment and Services

Adrian Polden

A Tasmanian company, Penguin Composites has been designing, developing and manufacturing innovative fibreglass and metal products since 1976.

In collaboration with clients the Tasmanian company designs and manufactures unique composite products to meet individual needs, whether they are for industrial, commercial, recreational or marine applications. Capabilities include design and engineering of moulds and plugs, fibreglass and composite component manufacturing and specialist composite product manufacturing.

Penguin Composites’ experience and attention to detail delivers products that are found in all kinds of conditions, including Antarctica. We manufacture Igloo Satellite Cabins exclusively for IceWall One, as well as wall components used in Antarctic bases. The wall components stack six units per shipment and facilitate the rapid construction of Antarctic buildings. A fibreglass resin-transfer moulding technique delivers quick manufacturing turn-around and customisation for specific customer requirements.

Diversity, experience and attention to detail set Penguin Composites apart from its competitors. A complete “start to finish” service, with seamless project functions, can eliminate the need for external consultations or outsourced components. This is hugely advantageous in the current market, where time and cost reductions are usually of utmost importance.