McGuire Maritime

Polar Operations, Transport and Logistics

Chris McGuire

Based in Tasmania, McGuire Maritime is  a leading international maritime consultancy and brokerage service.

Its expert staff has worked with the Australian  Antarctic Division, undertaken searches for and inspections of Antarctic-capable  vessels, acted as an owners’ representative for tourism operating vessels using Hobart as a departure point and coordinated repairs for Antarctic tourism vessels.

The company specialises in brokerage, operations, compliance and education. It assists clients by providing the necessary expertise and support to enhance the way in which their business operates.

Services include:

  • ice-capable vessel chartering
  • vessel operations, including ship management, inspections, sourcing and delivery
  • port call management
  • vessel repair coordination
  • auditing of vessel management systems
  • crewing of vessels and voyage planning.

McGuire Maritime’s industry professionals develop specific solutions for each assignment. Solutions are based on their intimate knowledge of the shipping industry and understanding of the business’s operating regime.