Industry: Polar Operations

Frederique Olivier Productions

20 years experience in the polar regions, working in Antarctica and the Sub Antarctic regions with multiple scientific and filming expeditions.


A proud Tasmanian electrical company with 30+ years’ experience in the electrical industry.

William Adams

Supplies Caterpillar and AGCO Challenger machines suitable for a range of tasks including cargo handling, road making, snow clearing, excavation and site preparation.

Viva Energy Australia

One of Australia’s leading energy companies, supplying approximately one quarter of the country’s liquid fuel requirements with the ability to produce speciality products, including Antarctic grade fuel.

Veolia Environmental Services

A global leader in water, waste and energy management solutions, providing specialist resource support to clean up historic waste deposited in Antarctica.

Travtech Polar Services

An engineering company providing specialised products and services to Antarctic programs, including design and manufacture of caravan sled modules and modification of vehicles for Antarctic service.

Taylor Bros

Specialising in internal fit outs for all types of shipping and the offshore industry and building of modular accommodation units especially suited to extreme weather conditions in remote locations.

Southern Waste Solutions

A fully lined and secure landfill. Licensed to accept quarantine material and hazardous waste, offering a comprehensive service to those repatriating waste from Antarctica.

Saunders and Ward

Steel fabrication, machining and general engineering for a wide range of customised equipment for the AAD, including containerised fuel tanks, satellite tracking towers, traverse sleds, compaction rollers and more.