Elphinstone Engineering

Polar Operations, Transport and Logistics

Graeme Elphinstone

Phone: +61 (0) 3 6257 3242

Email: graeme@elph.com.au


Working closely with expeditioners, Elphinstone Engineering has pioneered the design and manufacture of polar traverse and base construction equipment specifically designed for use in Antarctica.

These include traverse trailers, sleds, turntables, suspensions, skis, heavy equipment transporters and container modifications for helicopter shipping and storage.

The company has developed a simple, bolt-together system for building frames, walkways and stairways for Antarctic base stations.  These are made modular for compact shipping and ease of assembly in the field.  Demountable self-contained wind turbine support units and solar panel support frames are available.

The business has been building equipment suitable for Antarctic conditions since 1985 and undertaken work for the Australian, French, Italian and Korean Antarctic programs.  Graeme Elphinstone has undertaken four traverses with the French expeditionary team, providing him with first-hand knowledge of design requirements for harsh conditions.

Elphinstone can also supply a comprehensive range of spare parts that are easily shipped through the Port of Hobart