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Jon Everett

Phone: +61(0) 412 997 019


Jon Everett, principal of Atlas Idioverse Consultancy, is a physicist / engineer with over 40 years’ experience working in instrumentation design and development within a major industry, for universities, Australian Government R&D laboratories and international research teams.

He spent 16 years working within a University based Research School developing and constructing autonomous instrumentation, communications and power supply systems for deployment at Amundsen-Scott (US), Concordia (France-Italy), Dome Fuji (Japan), Kunlun (China)  and Ridge A (US-Australia) Antarctic Plateau bases.

Jon has made multiple summer deployments to Antarctica to install, service and maintain equipment and collaborate with international research groups.

Services and resources available:

  • Professional Parametric CAD modelling.
  • 3D printer for prototyping / small-scale production.
  • Optical and Photonic Design and Prototyping.
  • Modelling using Zemax OpticStudio Professional.
  • Photonic / Fibre-optic sensor modelling and prototyping.
  • Applied UV/ Vis, FTIR, photoacoustic and correlation spectroscopy.
  • Non-contact optical stress/strain instrumentation.
  • Borehole Imaging and sampling instrumentation.
  • Aerogel insulated instrument housings.
  • Project documentation and operational/service/inventory manual preparation.
  • Antarctic instrumentation deployment logistics