Temtrol Technologies

Specialised Equipment and Services

Cameron Stevenson

Phone: 03 6380 2400

Email: cameron@temtrol.com.au


As a privately owned and operated Tasmanian Company, Temtrol Technologies prides itself on its delivery of exceptional industrial electrical contracting, including specialised services in optical fibre and the manufacturing of sensor products.

Accountability is paramount to the operational ethics of the company, ensuring all work is delivered on time and on budget.

With offices in George Town, Launceston, and Devonport, Temtrol operates 3 strategic business divisions:

Industrial Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians

With a crew of 20 + experienced industrial technicians, Temtrol Specialise in Projects, Shutdowns, Installation, and commissioning in a wide range of sectors.

Automation and Instrumentation Product Sales / Temperature Sensor manufacturing

Representing quality brands, Temtrol distribute specialised products to all major industries statewide.  Our Launceston manufacturing plant has been designing and manufacturing temperature sensors for well over 20 years.


Our Telco division specialise in Fibre Optic installation and commissioning.

Our crew of 20+ technicians cover entire projects form Civil Construction through to fibre optic splicing and testing.  We have successfully carried out entire sitewide Fibre Optic upgrades.

Temtrol Technologies value their staff as they play a pivotal role in the ongoing success of the business, from customer service, design, manufacturing, WHS to the delivery of products and services. Temtrol Technologies have been recognised for their advocacy and outstanding performance at both state and national levels for their practises and procedures.