Transport and Logistics

Prudence Cunningham

Tasmanian Ports Corporation Pty Ltd (TasPorts) will continue to ensure the port of Hobart remains the Gateway to the Antarctic.

TasPorts operates and manages all ports in Tasmania, including Hobart where the Antarctic program is based.

Hobart is the home port for Australia’s Antarctic research vessel, Aurora Australis, the CSIRO marine research vessel, Investigator and for France’s Antarctic support vessel, L’Astrolabe. Other vessels from Antarctic programs operated by China, USA, Italy and Korea are also regular visitors.

TasPorts has developed world-class cargo handling and biosecurity facilities for Hobart to ensure absolutely minimal risk of contamination in Antarctica.

Guided by TasPorts Port Master Plan, we are working with Antarctic stakeholders to ensure their future needs are met. This includes the development of an Antarctic logistics facility in Hobart to accommodate existing customers and attract new international programs.

TasPorts’ Hobart facilities include:

  • 24/ 7 port availability
  • Nationally competitive port charges
  • Specialised services: provedoring, stevedoring, quarantine, secure expedition storage
  • Fuel bunkerage less than three km from the Port of Hobart
  • Common user deep water berths
  • Lay-up berth
  • Tugs and pilotage services
  • Mac 2 Biosecurity and Cargo Centre (Australian Antarctic Division)