Fisheries Related, Specialised Equipment and Services

Robert Inches

As boat builders and polymer fabrication specialists, PFG’s skill set offers a broad range of applicability to Antarctic operators. Driven to provide safe and durable products PFG understand the
critical reliance users have in the harshest environment on earth. Offering Hobart-based manufacturing and support, PFG-built boats are ideal for the Antarctic waters. The hull is manufactured using a combination of traditional boat building methods and next-generation material, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE offers several advantages including high tensile
strength and ultra-durable with low thermal conductivity incredibly durable and impact resistant.

PFG’s boats are safe and reliable with low to no preventative maintenance requirements. With passengers and crew safety front of mind, the combination of design and material offers superior impact and vibration absorption reducing personnel fatigue.

PFG has supplied, through Elphinstone, HDPE linings for ski bases that have been used in Antarctica for many years. For over forty years PFG’s expert team of poly fabricators have solved problems for the aquaculture, agriculture, mining, civil, scientific, and construction sectors.

Building durable products for harsh environments, PFG’s offerings include plastic fabrication, and rotomoulding, materials handling solutions with their range of food-grade plastic bins, buckets and pallets, waterjet cutting, and CNC routing.