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The Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) undertakes systematic and sustained observing of Australia’s marine estate. All IMOS data is open and accessible to the marine and climate science community, international collaborators, and other users through the IMOS Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal ( coordinates a multi-institutional ocean observing capability in the Southern Ocean. Data is collected through the deployment of instruments, including Argo floats, shipborne equipment, satellite tags on marine mammals and the

Southern Ocean Time Series deep water mooring. IMOS utilises the RSV Nuyina and RV Investigator, and in cooperation with other National Antarctic Program capabilities and industry vessels, to deploy these instruments.

IMOS is one of the national research infrastructure capabilities supported under the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and is the only NCRIS capability based in Tasmania. IMOS is operated by a consortium of 11 institutions as an unincorporated joint venture, with the University of Tasmania as Lead Agent.

The IMOS Office and AODN are based at the University of Tasmania’s Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies in Hobart, and coordinates strategic planning that guides all of IMOS’ national and international activities.