Patrice Godon Polar Engineering

Polar Operations, Specialised Equipment and Services

Patrice Godon

Phone: +33 (0)6 08 02 65 68 / +61 0 402 937 757


Prior to establishing his engineering consultancy, Partice worked for 38 years as head of the logistics/technical service of IPEV and earlier organisations providing logistical support to French polar research. In that role he worked each austral summer in Antarctica managing technical and logistics activities, giving an accumulated total of some 15 years of stays in Antarctica.

Over Patrice’s career, he has worked closely with Tasmanian builders and suppliers (see He is able to provide services to organisations ranging from simple advice and assistance regarding choice of equipment and solutions, to the research and development of apparatus and equipment from Tasmania.

Patrice’s key capabilities are:

  • design and implementation of specialised transport equipment over the Antarctic icecap and over the sea ice
  • design and realisation of atypical buildings adapted to polar environments
  • installation of energy plants and energy saving systems related to the use of renewable energies