Icewall One

Polar Operations, Specialised Equipment and Services

Anthea Wallhead

Phone: +61 (0) 3 6267 4774


Icewall One produces pre-fabricated, insulated fibreglass accommodation units called Igloo Satellite Cabins, as well as PolyPod Snowcamper Sledges.

These products and accessories are made to order in Tasmania, under licence by Penguin Composites. Both products are designed for use in remote locations and can be flown fully assembled by helicopter. Disassembled units can be transported by road, sea or air. Igloo Satellite Cabins provide safe, reliable accommodation for exploration and research in remote areas and are customised to suit specific requirements.

Basic Igloos are 3 metres in diameter by 2.1 metres high and can be fitted out to suit individual needs. Extended or interlinked units cater for a greater variety of purposes. A PolyPod Snowcamper is a pre-fabricated, insulated, fibreglass sledge designed to be towed. The windproof canopy is spacious enough for two people and provides excellent protection for delicate instruments and photographic equipment. A PolyPod can be towed by a small ATV or the top used as a tent and the base used as a punt.

For over 30 years, these products have been purchased by more than 40 institutes and organisations in 19 countries, with the majority still in use in Antarctica.