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Eric Philips

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Icetrek was founded in 1999 by Australian polar explorer and Hobart resident Eric Philips and now operates as two distinct but interconnected businesses.

Icetrek Expeditions is a world-leading polar adventure travel company, offering a range of expeditions, treks, tours and flights to the Arctic and Antarctica. Coupled with our established programs we offer bespoke trips, polar adventure training and a comprehensive polar logistics service. Icetrek Expeditions was the first company to guide both a full-length North Pole and South Pole expedition and is the only company to have operated through every established gateway to Antarctica – Punta Arenas, Cape Town, Christchurch, Ushuaia and Hobart.

Icetrek Polar Equipment engineers and manufactures high-end products designed to meet every demand of the most challenging polar expedition. Our Flexi Ski Bindings are the most commonly used bindings on polar expeditions and used extensively by the US military. Our most recent innovation is a multi-functional amphibious sled designed for the polar regions’ harshest conditions. Other products include sled harnesses, face masks and cold-weather clothing accessories. Our R&D and engineering teams are avid outdoors people so our products are always grounded in the reality of what does and doesn’t work in cold-climate conditions.

With Icetrek’s head office situated in Hobart, we are perfectly placed to meet any adventure-based Antarctic tourism, logistics and equipment requirements.