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Polar Operations

Ray Massie

Phone: +61 408 571 057

Email: ray.massie@hydro.com.au


Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s leading renewable energy business, with 100 years of experience in designing, constructing, operating and maintaining renewable power systems. As an owner-operator of our own remote off-grid power systems, we understand the challenges associated with logistics and high operating cost, and the importance of maintaining reliability and system security. Hydro Tasmania offers solutions to reduce power generation costs in remote areas through the integration of renewable energy. Our dedicated Hybrid Energy Solutions team utilises our own proven hybrid control system coupled with market-sourced equipment to provide a solution optimised for the specific needs of our clients. Our solutions are utility grade, designed for medium to large-scale off-grid power systems typically with peak loads of greater than 250kW to multi-megawatt systems. We offer solutions for low to very high (100%) renewable energy contribution. Our most recent successful solutions include the world leading King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project, which was the first to achieved 100% renewable energy penetration on a megawatt scale along with Flinders Island, Coober Pedy & Rottnest Island hybrid energy solutions. Most recently we have been engaged by Antarctica NZ to help develop and implement there Scott Base power system upgrade. Tasmania offers a range of services from advisory to complete turnkey power systems.  More information is available at www.hydro.com.au  and www.hybridenergysolutions.com.au