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Karl Mabey

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BP Marine ANZ has been supplying fuel products to customers operating in Antarctic and the Southern Ocean for more than 20 years.

BP Marine’s Hobart Terminal at Selfs Point forms part of our global fuel terminaling infrastructure and the BP staff in Hobart are well experienced in storing and managing fuel quality and have supplied the fuel for Antarctic vessels on a regular basis for many years. BP Marine supplies some of the largest shipping companies in the world with high-quality fuels, technologically advanced lubricants and a wide range of services.

Committed to safety and the environment, BP Marine can supply low-sulphur fuels, biodegradable lubricants and trading solutions. BP is constantly upgrading its infrastructure and more specifically in Hobart our tank configuration is always being reviewed to ensure we offer supply security to all our long term customers and shows BP Marine’s commitment to the Maritime industry.

BP Marine has a product suited to your needs, including:

  • Marine Fuels
  • Marine Gas Oil to a DMA 2012 specification is available ex-pipe at BP’s Hobart Terminal at Selfs Point and by truck at most berths in the Port of Hobart.
  • BP’s Special Antarctic Blend Diesel (SAB) is also available ex pipe at Selfs Point or by truck at most berths in the Port of Hobart. This product has unique characteristics with an exceptionally low freezing point in temperatures as low as -35˚C. It has been used for many purposes and can be used in engines operating in Antarctic conditions.
  • Proven ability to load ISO-tainers with both MGO and SAB.
  • Aviation Fuels
  • Jet A1 FSII in bulk and drums (drummed at our Hobart facility)
  • Jet A1 in bulk and drums (drummed at our Hobart facility)
  • Ground Fuels
  • Unleaded petrol in drums
  • Winter grade unleaded petrol in drums
  • Diesel in bulk and drums