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AMC Search (AMCS) offers a range of short courses and consultancy services to companies operating in polar regions.

Training Services

Polar Code Training is mandatory for Masters, Chief Mates and Officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships operating in polar waters.

AMCS delivers both Polar Code Basic and Polar Code Advanced training courses to meet this mandatory requirement.

Other training courses include:

  • STCW Certificate of Safety Training
  • STCW Refresher and Revalidation courses
  • Vessel handling in polar regions
  • Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (Online)
  • Crowd Management (Online)
  • Passenger Safety, Cargo and Hull Integrity (Online)

As the use of autonomous vessels increases in polar regions, AMCS also offers short courses that will help you build the skills necessary to operate this technology:

  • Autonomous Maritime Systems Fundamentals
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Basic Operator
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Mission Controller
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Technical Training
  • Autonomous Surface Vessel Operator

Consultancy Services

Through our Kongsberg Centre for Maritime Simulations, AMCS has developed unique area model simulations of Antarctica that simulates ice floes that can help companies with the following:

  • Port development
  • Mooring studies
  • Ship-to-ship interactions

Further, AMCS owns and operates a fleet of Autonomous Maritime Systems including AUVs and ASVs that can be utilised for sea floor mapping and research purposes.