John East

John joined the TPN committee in 2019 after he became the RSV Nuyina Operations Manager in January 2019. He is is now fully focused on the vessels entry into operational service in 2021 under the Operational and Maintenance phase. Prior to this John was a Ship Manager at P&O Maritime managing numerous ships and operations in Australia and overseas inclusive of the Aurora Australis. In 2017 John became the Head of the Australian Business Unit as well as the Head of the Carpentaria Shipping Services Joint Venture for P&O Maritime whilst continuing to manage four ships in both Australia and overseas. Before this John was involved in the Defence Industries sector working for BAE and Thales particularly with the later company as a Project Manager involved in the maintenance repair of Royal Australian Navy ships to the value of $25M. In 2009, John honorably discharged from the Royal Australian Navy after a 20 year career serving up to 12 years at sea on Adelaide Class Guided Missile Frigates and reaching the rank of Warrant Officer with numerous honors & awards.